About Jesse Cobb

I use photography as a means of healing. I bring the hectic world around me to a pause with each picture I take. I better understand myself every time I engage in my practice. My goal is to create stills that influence the viewer to stop and feel something. My photographs are an extension of my heart and soul.

My choice of subject comes naturally from my interest in the beauty of the world around me, and emotional connections I share with loved ones. I capture nature from the highest mountain tops where I imagine I can see to the ends of the earth. I photograph my family in the most intimate times, because unfiltered emotion entices me the most. Recently I have focused on my portraiture, manipulating natural light and shadows to create well-lit, yet moving work.

I feel inspired by my children. Firsts only come once, and without a photograph those moments are quickly lost in time. I hope to preserve these images for future generations of my family to reference. My collection of work comes from a yearning to document the most significant moments of my life.