Hey there everyone, my name is Jesse Cobb. I was born in Lawrence, Kansas but spent most of my childhood years in the Pacific North West. I grew up playing sports, loving the outdoors, and adventuring as much as possible. After graduating high school I joined the US Navy. I attended Navy Nuclear Power School in Charleston, SC before living onboard a couple submarines for about a decade. Then on October 1st of 2013 my life changed forever. My son was born.

I left the military so that I would never have to leave him again, and we moved back home to Portland, Oregon. I had a whole lot more free time than I was used to and was in serious need of  a hobby. A good friend of mine sold me his starter camera, taught me the basics, and brought me on my first photography adventure. Since then it has been my passion. I love landscape photography, but weddings are certainly my favorite. To me it is all about capturing those special once in a lifetime moments.